Don’t Get too close, it’s dark inside!!

 ‘ Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside ‘  according to me, means that we should not completely rely or believe someone thoroughly.

It is not always that whatever we expect from others and even ourselves is  fulfilled. There are times, when we may not be able to cope up with the worst of all situations and end up with something unusual and unexpected.
Say if it is friendship then the one who is more into it feels broken when other sets off.
This phrase can’t always be true but sometimes it sets the best example to explain itself.

This sentence may also be used when we want to warn someone about others or even to let others know, that people at times may turn cruel out of distress or frustration.
Even we have moments where we burst on someone severely…which shows our darker side and apparently we are not aware of how others perceive whatever we want to convey. 
So, I feel that we should not get attached with anyone so easily and unconditionally that it becomes easier for that person to hurt us. After all it is correctly said that,
We must not expect but only accept!!


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