Belief will help!!

I was lost in woods, And had nothing so dear other than forest food.

I felt that I was very lonely,
Believe me the surrounding was so scary.

But I heard a scream,
That broke my dream.
I was amidst a crowd 
Who could only at me frown.

After your failure everyone is the same,
It’s you who have to get back the fame.
Only that you should work hard,
And believe in the almighty God.

He is always there to help,
If you are lost in any of the earth’s belt,
Or even if people’s torture is by you felt,
All your queries are by him dealt.

That is why I say cheerish your fall,
So that you can in future grow tall…



Is this the correct way,

dark at nights and shining bright in day..

Once you choose a field to play,

you will be guided by every positive ray..

Be the path filed with troubles,

but though it could be full of bubbles,

through which after clearing a small stage,

you would be carried to the victory page..

One should not later judge a decision,

as every decision is made for a reason..

Just choose one path and move along the way,

As in future, travelling that path has made my day is what you would say..


I am taking the best out of what I have achieved and got in life. I have decided that regrets will be far beyond the horizons with whatever I end up with. Everything could have been even better which urge me to wish…., wish to start again.

Why many of us can’t understand the importance of something we do when we are actually working on it? Why many of us later regret on the time we wasted. It is always better to stop thinking about this and start acting towards what we have in our hands. But still that desire remains….. if I would have taken the first correct step. There are people who are focussed, determined and crack every step by working hard for it.. But people like me, give up! It is hard to rewind back and grab the mistake we did but it is harder to come back into motion and suppress the wrong decision and even to believe that we went to some area which led us to failure.

If you know that you have taken birth to do something valuable on the earth for yourself and your loved ones then it is you who will work hard even after the failure. You cannot succumb to the injuries because you know what went wrong and you have that desire to rise up again.
The wish…. the desire to start again…. not the life but the way you see your life.. You are not just a being who only roam on this planet helplessly with nothing to do rather you are a human who know your aim and have a wish to do something for yourself. So it’s you who have to plan, work and reach to the best you can….